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August 27, 2006 by island_gurl12
Things I need to get used to AGAIN:

1 - Making plans for the weekend for two, not just me
2 - Having the blanket taken away from me in the middle of the friggin cold night
3 - Not burp while watching a stupid movie
4 - Seeing my phone bill double or triple compared to a couple of months ago
5 - Buying a brand of beer i hardly drink, instead of my usual 6 pack
6 - Saying "This is my boyfriend Yohan" when I introduce him to people I know
7 - Getting kisses for the most random reasons
8 -...
August 7, 2006 by island_gurl12
Yohan is one of the sweetest guy I have ever met, I tend to say that about anybody really, but theres something about him that I really appreciate. The fact that he likes to cuddle up alot maybe? I dont know. I suppose I've been needing someone to take care of me for a long time and I've finally found him.

I dont love him, far from it. But I like him very much. I still wonder if I should break up with him now, before he starts to feel too much. But my friends dont want me to. They say I shoul...
August 2, 2006 by island_gurl12
APOLOGIES APOLOGIES!!! My dear JU friends i havent forgotten about you!!!

I have been very busy. Work is still hell, and i cant wait for this place to sink, lol!

I have been busy with going to parties of people i didnt even know, haha. And the big news is I met someone. He is very nice and we get along really well.

The thing is I still have feelings for Darren. And I've let this new person know about it already.

I was supposed to go back to Vila for my holidays, but i've decided I wo...
July 12, 2006 by island_gurl12
My best friend, Laetitia, lives in France. She has been in a relationship with Gaetan for about 4 years and they are very happy together. So happy that they have decided to take the relationship one step further by announcing their official engagement on July the 20th.

Of course I was invited, but she let me know last month. Financially I am abit tight to go and have such a long journey from here. So unfortunately I wont be able to attend and we are all very disappointed.

I want to make u...
July 10, 2006 by island_gurl12
You know how little_whip asked what song to dedicate to your special someone? Well I have so many songs that could be dedicated to Darren, lots of sad love songs. I did post the lyrics of BB's "Incomplete", a pretty lame choice but nothing else came to my mind. And then the other night I was browsing through my music and I found this song:

SPOILED - Joss Stone

I kinda thought that I'd be better off by myself
I've never been so wrong before
You made it impossible for me to ever
Love som...
July 9, 2006 by island_gurl12
Yup, no worries about eating in an Italian restaurant after today's final. Maybe they'll offer a complimentary bottle of wine if you're lucky enough.

I'm disappointed though. Watching the end of the game I could feel the pain of the players on both sides. You could tell how tired they were. And the frustration building up. Maybe that's why Zidane acted the way he did.

I cant believe he was thrown out of the competition. The day of the final, the last day of his carreer. It's so sad to see ...
July 7, 2006 by island_gurl12
It's 9.30am Saturday morning and I'm in the office. Working. Well I've worked for the 1st hour and a half, but now the lack of sleep is killing me, lol. Blogging is a remedy though, thank goodness for JU

Had a great night out last night. It was so much fun, we drank and we danced, and we laughed soooooooo much.

This morning around 4am, we went to a hotel swimming pool and Jayne + Cedric took a dip (they're nuts, it's winter here, we were all like brrrrr...). Then hunger took us to go get...
July 5, 2006 by island_gurl12
Yeah!!!! We trembled until the very last minute but they made it. They scared us some but they won! Everyone is so excited, they all went down the streets singing and i can still hear horns all over the place. Yeeeehaaaa!!!

I can even hear: "Zidane président" haha!

We have a date with Italy now. Monday morning for us. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!

I cant begin to imagine what party its gonna be if France wins, and 14th July is our "Fête Nationale", so if they win...

Oh come on! We want ...
July 3, 2006 by island_gurl12
I was chatting to an online friend the other day. He was having some difficulties in his relationship with his girlfriend. I think they've been together for about a year now.

So I asked what was wrong. And he said that she was bitching about lots of things, complaining alot, basically being a pain. So I laughed a little and said WE'RE ALL A PAIN mate! So I asked what was he gonna do about it.

And his answer was the wisest thing he ever said (meaning most of the time he likes to talk like ...
June 28, 2006 by island_gurl12
Ok we won, but next is Brazil, and they cant wait to taste the sweetness of REVENGE.

After all in 98 we kicked their ass. And in 66 (was it?), we eliminated them to face Germany in finals. So...*gulp*

Man, i think i'll be too nervous, i dont want to watch that game but i want to watch it too, heh! There was so much criticism about the 'Bleus' and now that they won i hope they still will focus on the games and dont feel like victory is granted... Oww man!!

Let the best win (may it be Fra...
June 28, 2006 by island_gurl12
Dont you feel sorry for the poor lad?
June 28, 2006 by island_gurl12
Dont you feel sorry for the poor lad?
June 27, 2006 by island_gurl12
Did you notice that there are all old articles coming up on the forums for no apparent reason.

Check out the Personal Relationships one, I read some of the articles and wanted to comment but they're all from last year or 2004, heh! And it's not that someone commented on them lately, the latest comments are like a couple of weeks later than the date of the blog.

So, i dont know, there must be a couple of little devils in the computers working some mischief, hehe...
June 26, 2006 by island_gurl12
I used to hate mushrooms when i was little and now i'm more than happy to have some.

I used to eat Oysters when I was little, and now just the sight of it makes me want to gag.

I dont know when this happened but one thing is for sure: its funny how we change through the years...
June 22, 2006 by island_gurl12
You may have heard about it in the news. The new museum of tribal arts in Paris (Musée du Quay Branly) was inaugurated on June 20 by the President Chirac. To participate to the inauguration, a chief of a Vanuatu Island (Tanna), came all the way from his village to France to present the President with a totem that was crafted by his people. I dont really remember the meaning of the totem, but I remember that the gift represents the gratitude of the people of Tanna to the French government for hon...